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Finishing Instructions

Realize the full beauty of your tree in a few easy steps

NEW!  Downloadable and printable shaping isntructions

Some of your silk plants or trees may require some simple assembly or shaping of the branches and/or leaves. All come ready in plastic pots which makes it easy to customize your final product with a decorative container.


As a general rule all plants, trees and palms come completely assembled and pre-shaped. However to save on transport some of the larger palms have a separate top which simply plugs into the top of the tree trunk. All parts are marked on male and female side.


1. Some of the leaves or flowers may be misshaped during the transport. Steam works well to get the wrinkles out of the leaves.

2. Shaping is done by carefully bending the leaves and branches; this will maximize the fullness and create a better silhouette.

3. Starting near the trunk or main stem, work your way to the end of the leave, gently bending as you go, creating a slight downward curve on the lowest branches to a slight upward angle toward the top of the plant. The original picture of the item will help you greatly in this process.

Final potting:

All trees and plants come in plastic containers, however to create a more personal and dramatic effect, it’s advisable to place the silk tree or plant in a decorative planter, which will fit perfectly. In case you want to use an oversized model, just level the bottom with styrofoam or carton, fill the sites and use our finishing material top it of for example with sand, river-stone or lava-rock.

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