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The Be a Tree program has been extensively reviewed and is in use all over the world. Doggone Safe estimates that approximately 500,000 children have received the Be a Tree program. Many wonderful testimonials have been sent in from kids, parents, teachers, school and town administrators, animal control officers, dog trainers and other dog experts.

Excerpts from a few of the many comments we have received are shown below. There are just too many to include! A file is available for download which contains some of the comments.

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The Canadian Association of Animal Health Technicians and Technologists (CAAHTT/ACTSSA) endorses the Be a Tree program. “The Alberta Association of Animal Health Technologists (AAAHT) will promote the Doggone Safe initiative.  They join the Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technicians (SAVT), Manitoba Animal Health Technologists Association (MAHTA) and the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians (OAVT) who have initiated the program within their association. The CAAHTT/ACTSSA wholeheartedly supports this initiative and has chosen to endorse the Doggone Safe, “Be a Tree” program nationally to our member associations. This program is very easy to run, the directions are well laid out and self explanatory.”  Sandy Hass RVT & Phyllis Mierau, Executive Directors, CAAHTT/ACTTSA

The Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians (OAVT) sanctions the “Be a Tree” program. Veterinary Technicians are encouraged to take the program into their communities. To further demonstrate the importance of this program, the OAVT will assign two Continuing Education Credits to any Registered Veterinary Technician each time they deliver the program. “Technicians will find the “Be A Tree” kit gives an outstanding opportunity to raise awareness of the veterinary clinic and the Veterinary Technician profession to the whole community. It’s a great way to increase the profile of Veterinary Technicians and demonstrate how helpful animal health professionals are!” Julie Jones, Community Outreach Coordinator, OAVT

The Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association promotes the Be a Tree program and veterinary technologists in that province receive continuing education credits for presenting sessions to children. “I believe dog safety education for everyone can have a dramatic effect on the number and severity of dog bites.  There is a non-profit organization based out of Ontario called Doggone Safe whose mandate is to promote dog safety. They have excellent information on their website and I encourage all members to read this material. Doggone Safe has also developed a classroom program for schools. The program is designed for Grades 1 through 4 and is an excellent way to teach children dog safety. Our goal is to eventually have all children in Saskatchewan exposed to this material by the time they reach Grade 4.” Tracy Fisher  DVM – President SVMA

“We would like to recommend the “Be a Tree” program and its founding organization, Doggone Safe. We are impressed by both the goals of the program and the methods used for teaching dog bite prevention. It is an engaging and positive program that uses sound educational strategies to teach easy-to-remember techniques that children can understand.” John Facelle MD MPH, Commissioner of Health, Rockland CO NY and Thomas Micelli PE, Director Environmental Public Health, Rockland CO NY

“I was totally impressed… and saw the children respond in a manner which reflected their understanding. The information was delivered in a clear, engaging manner and even the adults learned from it. Thank you!” Grade 2 teacher – Holyrood Newfoundland

“The children were very captivated. The use of pictures really added in the children’s understanding and the games helped reinforce the program. It was Fabulous!” Grade 2 teacher – Holyrood Newfoundland

“Excellent presentation. It was very appropriate”. Grade 4 teacher – Dana Point California

“I really enjoyed doing the actions like the tree. I am kind of afraid of dogs, but now I feel much safer.” Mckay – grade 4 student – Dana Point California

“I learned a lot from that presentation it was very interesting. I told my Mom a lot and she was amazed. I saw this mean dog one day and I did the tree”. Walker – grade 4 student – Dana Point California

“The presentation informed our Grade Two and Three students on how they should act around dogs.  It told them the signs to look for when approached by a dog and gave the steps that they should follow in dealing with dogs.  I thought the presentation was excellent and Tonji did a great job of keeping it interactive and interesting.  I strongly recommend this presentation to other schools. Our teachers and students felt they learned a lot”. Robin McGrath, Principal, Holy Cross School – Holyrood Newfoundland


 More comments and pictures from Grade 4 students in Dana Point, California


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