How and Why to Be a Tree

Here is how to be a tree:

Here’s why to be a tree:

Trees are boring to dogs. Be a Tree and a dog will just sniff and then go away. When was the last time you saw a dog chasing a tree?

Be a tree in any of these situations:

  • A strange dog comes near you (even if he seems friendly).
  • Any dog is making you feel uncomfortable, worried or scared.
  • A dog is chasing you.
  • Your own or a friend’s dog is acting too frisky or excited.

Count in your head to the highest number you know and then start back at 1 again until the dog goes away or help comes.

Most dogs do not intend to scare or bite people, but they do lik[……]

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Be a Tree FAQ

How can I get this program for my classroom?

You can purchase the Be a Tree Teacher Kit and deliver the program yourself or you can ask a Be a Tree presenter to come to do the presentation. There may be a charge for this, depending on the presenter. In Canada many veterinary technicians provide this program as a community service. Contact your local veterinarian or the veterinarian technician or technologist association for your area to see if the Be a Tree program is available. Doggone Safe members are everywhere.

How are Be a Tree presenters qualified?

The Be a Tree program can be presented by[……]

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Running With Your Dog: 6 Rules To Keep In Mind

You want to lose weight and tighten your waist, but you are too lazy to exercise. Why don’t you think about associating the shapewear for muffin top and tummy control, or support bras for large sagging breasts and running with your dog? This method may be a great option when you want to keep your dog healthy too. Learning to train your dog properly will benefit your health, happiness, and a special bond for both of you!

However, starting to run with your dog is never an easy task. It is the reason why we are here to  provide you the notes to become a running partner of your pet!

Do not w[……]

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How To Make A DIY Pet Prom Suit

If you want to sew stuff for your lovely pet, How To Make A DIY Pet Prom Suit has lists of a few suggestions that you can refer to. Let’s see!

Your pet has a party, and you can not find an eye-catching suit. It is not a problem at all if you have got a sewing and long arm quilting machine  or needles and thread.

Formal clothes are produced just in many hours, maybe longer, but of course in which shape you choose, and even cost less than a set of ready-made attire. Do not hesitate to read our post on How To Make A DIY Pet Prom Suit below to save your money.

How To Make A DIY Pet Vest


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About the Be a Tree Teacher Kit

The Be a Tree Teacher Kit is for…

  • schools/teachers who want to deliver a bite prevention program themselves

  • humane educators for in-house or community outreach use

  • obedience trainers who want to educate their clients about safety around dogs

  • dog industry professionals who want to offer bite prevention programming to local schools or community groups

  • pet industry retailers who want to provide a community service and promote their business at the same time.

Contents of Be a Tree Teacher Kit

  • A set of 9 11″x17″ photographs of dogs showing various body language signals. Text of script printed on t[……]

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About the Be a Tree Program

The Be a Tree program is a dog bite prevention seminar program for school age children. This program focuses on fun and interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and how to act safely around their own dog and strange dogs.

The main message from the presentation is “Be a Tree” if strange dog comes near or any dog is too frisky or is making you uncomfortable.

The Be a Tree program is supported by a teacher kit that presenters use to ensure a consistent and accurate presentation. The kit and the program have been developed and reviewed by experts. Click here to find out[……]

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