If you want to sew stuff for your lovely pet, How To Make A DIY Pet Prom Suit has lists of a few suggestions that you can refer to. Let’s see!

Your pet has a party, and you can not find an eye-catching suit. It is not a problem at all if you have got a sewing and long arm quilting machine  or needles and thread.

Formal clothes are produced just in many hours, maybe longer, but of course in which shape you choose, and even cost less than a set of ready-made attire. Do not hesitate to read our post on How To Make A DIY Pet Prom Suit below to save your money.

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How To Make A DIY Pet Vest

Your pet is a handsome boy!? Do not worry! Nothing can show your pet’s beauty more than a suitable vest.

A dog vest


A vest is commonly made by:

    • Some fabric you like.
  • Butcher paper or newspaper that is big as your pet.
  • A marker to draw the line.
  • Nylon strips and fasteners from old stuff.
  • Sewing pins.
  • A coverstitch machine or needle and thread.
  • Hook and loop sticky back tape.
  • Clothes decorations.

There are required items in the least, but no rules here to make a vest. Follow your imagination and choose what you think is needed.


#1 Build the paper frame of the vest

Fold the paper once into two equal parts and line it along your pet’s spine. Make certain your pet is not running wildly. Then, note one side of the paper depending on the size you want. If you are not a professional, do not worry about accuracy.

Remove the paper off the spine and place it flat, bent in half. Attach it so that the two pieces are matching. Next divine the paper into pieces with scissors along the marked line. Lay it again on your pet, and adjust it.

#2 Sew the clothing

If the paper meets your expectation, then scan it on the cloth, and fix two layers together by pins. Split the fabric with scissors according to the shape of the paper, estimating an inch more all around the seams in rest.

Turn to the other side of your fabric and pin it. Stitch the joints using thread which color you want.

Cut hook and loop tape into pieces then sew them to the foreside that locates in your pet’s chest. Needle your pattern with the thread that goes with the hook.

#3 Adjust the suitable size

Put the fabric on your pet and tighten the hook side. Make stitches one end of the strap on the cloth near to the bottom. Be sure your pet is safe because of the sharp stuff.

Remove the pattern and link the two sides. Stitch the other head of the strap to the opposing place.

Try it on your pet – whether the product lies exactly or not when you tie up the strips and the fastener is in the right spot. Proceed with the final adjustment, then sew it all together.

Now your pet is ready to go to a formal prom with a handmade vest!

How To Make A DIY Pet Dress

Look for a solution to save on pet dresses? These words can be great for everyday clothes or special occasions.

A dog dress


Prepare at least:

  • Fabric for top
  • Cotton cloth for the skirt
  • Cotton cloth for lining
  • Flannel bias tape
  • Two “D” rings
  • Velcro or hook and loop back tape
  • Ribbon to hang up the D rings and decorate the waist

You can even use other fabric for your pet as long as your pet likes it. The decorations add more so that the dress will be splendid.


#1 Position stitches

Cut out one piece of fabric for the layout and the same one for the inside layer. Quickly stick them together with pins.

Cut velcro and stick it where your strap is. Using the flannel tape, sew two layers together, covering the hook and loop.

Put the dress frame on your pet and adjust to comfort.

Drape the skirt onto the dog while checking whether the length is ok or not, and cut it. The long “tail” can be on her way and hamper her legs. So cut it short!

#2 Sew the main parts

Take the top and the bottom of the fabric of the pet and sew separated pieces together at the waistline. Sew carefully the hem of the skirt so that the seams do not wear out.

Thread one D ring into a small part of ribbon (2 inches is enough for a tiny pet). Sew the ribbon around the waistline, you should choose the outstanding color for highlights. It is where you will attach to your leash.

Stitch the other D ring into another piece of the ribbon on the top fabric. Now you have got one D ring on the underneath of the dress and the other one on the outside of the dress. So if the leash tightens, the dress will not come apart (because it is sewed together with velcro).

In case any problems occur, you can use the ribbon to hide them. Well, you have reached the end of the DIY dress project, and your pet has a beautiful dress for her birthday!

To wrap up

Our article on How To Make A DIY Pet Prom Suit has shown some types of clothes that you can make for your pet, not only a vest, a dress, but also a shirt, a sweater, a jacket, shorts, skirt, even custom outfits such as skeleton, witch, Santa Claus, etc. The fabric is not a problem, too; just choose the one you feel suitable.

There is no limit for a tailor, do not worry! If you don’t have the experience, start with this article and follow the instructions, it may be hard at first, but you will recognize that it is beneficial and economical!


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